TBM is adjunct to all existing chiropractic philosophies used for the restoration and maintenance for the optimum health of our patients. The main philosophy is the power that made the body can heal the body. TBM stands for Total Body Modification. It has been found that if the right thing is done to the right body at the right time in the right way, the body can heal. It is a combination of old chiropractic techniques combined with modern technology. We use a simple indicator muscle test and test points located throughout the body to determine the positive or negative function of that body. Depending on the area and a system that is out of function, different techniques can be used to realign the function and thereby restore function and communication within the body. DD. Palmer said, “Too much or too little energy is pathology.” Total Body Modification evolved from the minds and insights of Dr. Victor L. Frank and the late Dr. C. Harold Havlic. Dr. Geipel met Dr. Frank in the early 90's and studied under him and his various techniques and has been using them since to help people with a mired of different ailments. The idea is to not treat the ailment but to treat the body. If the body becomes imbalanced it can express itself in different ways and then a different disease name can be put on it. If the body functions at 100% of its potential then it will not get sick. This is one of the main philosophies that Dr. Geipel have learned from Dr. Victor Frank. For more information on this technique go to

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