~~For 2 years, I had been dealing with lower back pain that was also affecting my hips. I sought help from 2 other chiropractors with only slight relief. After having 2 MRI’s that identified a herniation and a tear I tried injections in my lumbar spine and SI joints from a pain management doctor, physical therapy and acupuncture. All provided little relief. Then I found Dr. Geipel!!! Honestly I felt like nothing was going to help at this point, but I was WRONG! After 4 visits to Dr. Geipel, I was able to get out of bed without significant pain in the morning. With each appointment I am getting stronger and pain free! I only wish Dr. Geipel had been my 1st option, not my last. If you’re looking for a chiropractor that can help you, try Dr. Geipel! If you’re like me, you don’t have to live with pain. Dr. Geipel could be your solution too! –Kelly

~~For many years I’ve been dealing with the medical profession to help my Fibromyalgia and arthritis. I took pain shots in the spine, pain pills and pain patches, nothing worked. I then found out Dr. Geipel and his Holistic treatments. He became my miracle man. I am now in less pain because of him and would recommend him to anyone suffering with chronic pain like I was. –Marie

~~About two years ago, I came to Dr. Geipel barely able to pick up anything from off the floor. There was constant lower back and leg pain frequent sharp groin pain. I was dealing with hip impingement, which was getting worse. There was no magic quick fix. It’s a gradual process of helping the body’s parts function together correctly so they have the chance to get stronger, eventually gaining more pain free range of motion. My symptoms have been either eliminated, occur less often, or more tolerable. I now enjoy activities that were not possible two years ago. I continue to get adjustments, only twice a month now. My plan is to not let any progress that I’ve made regress. I’m glad I tried chiropractic treatment first, instead of medication. — Nancy

~~ I really like Geipel chiropractic. He is a very knowledgeable doctor. I began seeing in 1991 after a concussion after a car accident. My personal physician suggested seeing a chiropractor after physical therapy did not help me. It was scary to start but he relieved my neck pain with the first visit. I continued to maintain my chiropractor visits because being a nurse I would often have to lift patients and occasionally, I would hurt myself or throw out my pelvis. I was very overweight and Dr. Geipel was very supportive, he told me it would be better for my condition if I lost the weight. Presently we have a 23yr. history with each other. He supported me through my diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and worked with me on my mobility problems. I have lost 80 pounds and my condition is much better.

MS is an autoimmune disease and the drugs which keep MS at bay also screw with my iron level. A year ago my hgb (iron level), dropped to 7.9 and I had to have a transfusion. I was so afraid of getting someone else’s blood. Even after the transfusion my iron level remained very low. My blood doctor told me that I need a supplement but I have other problems related to constipation. I asked Dr. Geipel for help and suggested Ferro-Food, an iron supplement which was not constipating. I purchased it through his office and took it daily. My iron level began to rise and I had no constipation. Its been a year and my iron level is the highest I have ever had. it is 11.8 and 12.0 is normal. My blood doctor was so happy and told me not to change anything I was doing. Dr. Geipel has been one of my greatest weapon against the MS, Diabetes and the Fibromyalgia.–Linda